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A Sunday Ride in the Car…

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I have heard of dogs not wanting to get in cars.  NOT my Joy! She does not care where we go as long as we go and I am glad that gas is less costly because we are on the go a lot!  That is part of the reason I do not have more time to write more blogs! She gives me that look that says, it’s nice out, get off the computer! Today I am gong to take her to her favorite park again, Buhl, after we make a quick stop so she can be a therapy dog for a little bit. She is not a real therapy dog, but in this case she can maybe cheer someone up with her amazing spirit. I only have a few minutes so while I was waiting for my husband to get ready for the cheer-up stop, I thought I would write about dogs in cars.

You should always encourage your dog to take rides in the car, It’s good for them, just be safe about it. If you are going to let he/she hang out the window make sure you are going very slow! We love all animals here at Joy’s Tail and we wish you a great Sunday and a ride in the car!









Author: Sherri Maddick

I have loved animals my entire life. I am the mom of Joy the Border Collie and Sabie the buff cat. I advocate for animals with my voice and pocketbook.

One thought on “A Sunday Ride in the Car…

  1. Thanks, Sherri! Joy looks so happy!

    I have a “travelin’ border collie” too — has gone all over the country with us! We love taking her along! and people do fuss over her. We think she was a long distance trucker — or a hobo! — in another lifetime!

    I know I don’t have to tell YOU, but for others: though it is fun, you must be extremely cautious about taking dogs in the car in very hot weather. They can overheat even during a short stop — like when you take a bathroom break. And you can’t trust shady spots; the sun can move while you are shopping or eating. Better to leave them at home sometimes or wait for an overcast, shady day!

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