Joy's Tale

Rescued. Adopted. Loved.

Mother’s Day 

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People always think you have to have children. I have never regretted it although I was pregnant once but had a miscarriage. And that’s how it goes, especially when your husband is a good bit older than me. 

Though I know a few people with great kids I have also heard and seen horror stories and thankfully I will never have any of those tales to tell. Instead I happily get to be a cat and dog mom. I’ve been a cat mom since college and always thought I was just a cat person until I adopted Bailey and then Joy and they have been the loves of my life along with my cats  Safari and now Sabie.

The only hard part is not having them around as long as the two legged ones. But even then there are no guarantees that kids will live to a certain age either. One friend of ,one sadly lost his son at the young age of 16. My own mom died before her mom at age 48. 

You can only live for today. I’ve learned that when I became a motherless daughter at age 26. Joy and Sabie, my husband and I live for today. That is our purpose. Happy Mother’s Day to the mutters and the mothers everywhere. I love you Joy and Sabie. 🐾💕

Author: Sherri Maddick

I have loved animals my entire life. I am the mom of Joy the Border Collie and Sabie the buff cat. I advocate for animals with my voice and pocketbook.

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